Open Culture: free cultural & educational media

March 15, 2012

Looking for high quality cultural media on the web? Open Culture is a resource that brings together intelligent video and audio in one place. 450 free films – Godard, Tarkovsky, Tarantino etc. 290 cultural icons – Samuel Beckett, Noam Chomsky, Marshall McLuhan. 425 audio/video online courses to download -aesthetics, art history, philosophy, film etc.

ACADI News, Spring 2011

May 13, 2011

Recent discussion topics on the ACADI email list – join us read more and to have your say.

A Digital Image Licence. Thanks to ACADI members Vicky Brown, Matt Davies, Jenny Godfrey,and Katie Hambrook for their hard work on the Wish-List for a Higher Education Digital Image licence and to other members for their input. The ACADI draft licence has been circulated to various bodies and individuals for advice and comment. It will be presented to licensing bodies at a later stage.

IPR review. In November 2010 David Cameron announced an independent review of how the Intellectual Property framework supports growth and innovation. Katie Hambrook collated and composed an ACADI submission to the review to ensure that the educational viewpoint was represented.

Copyright legislation terminology.  There was an interesting debate about the fair dealing’ exemption terms ‘private study’ and ‘for the purposes of examination’.

Image Resources

Moving image resources listing for art and design. A new section has been added to this Blog under the Image Sources section.

Diptity free online image presentation software uses a time-line format. Images and links may be added and video clips uploaded

Yale University has announced that images that are in the public domain from its museum and library collections will be made freely accessible online. The Yale Bulletin states “no license will be required for the transmission of the images and no limitations will be imposed on their use.”

Learning on Screen 2009

December 2, 2008

For those ACADI members who have moving image collections, this may be of interest:

The Wellcome Library will be hosting the Learning on Screen conference 2009 at The Wellcome Collection, 7-8 April 2009.

Two key themes of the conference will be:

  1. Disability and Access to Moving Image and Sound
  2. Online Moving Image and Sound Services for Learning

New ARLIS Visual Resources Committee blog

September 17, 2008

ARLIS Visual Resources Committee have started a blog here:

This will have information about forthcoming events as well as PowerPoints and other information.