Image & Photo Sharing

A listing of online sources of free images where re-use  is permitted under specified licensing conditions. A wide range of art and design material can be found and contextual images. Particulary useful for architecture and art works in the public domain. Check the terms and licensing conditions related to each image.

Creative Commons (CC)
The Creative Commons organisation has devised various licences for creators to attach to their work, enabling others to either share, adapt or use the work commercially.

Creative Commons with Flickr
Many contributors to the Flickr photo-sharing site display their work under CC licences.  Advanced searches of Flickr images can be limited to those displaying CC licences.

Creative Commons with Google
Google Advanced Image Searches filtered by ‘usage rights’ allows results to be limited by selecting from the various CC licences.

Free Foto
Over 12 million free images free for non-commercial use. Search and browse options.

Morgue File
‘A public image archive for creatives by creatives’. High resolution stock photography. Searchable and browsable. Various terms and conditions attached to each image.

Shared, licenced photographs, free to use under various licences.

Wikimedia Commons
A free resource of over 5 million media files. Browsable by categories.  Almost all  image files all licensed for reuse (see guide). The image source and the creator must be credited.  Users must release their copies or improvements under the same freedom to others.


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