Commercial Suppliers

A listing of art and design digital image resources where use of, or viewing the images is subject to a charge. Payment options vary between annual subscription or on a per-image basis. Some providers licence images ‘in perpetuity’. Images bought individually or in sets may usually be included in your institution’s own database.

Art on File
Images for education. World-wide contemporary architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and public art. The Art on File collection is now also included in the ARTstor database.

Art Resource
Fine Art stock photo archive. Includes contemporary artists and collections from major world museums.
pay per image

A nonprofit digital library of more than one million images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and social sciences. Presentation and image management tools are included.

Bridgeman Education
Worldwide coverage of the visual culture of civilizations from prehistoric times to the present. The images are supplied by museums, galleries and private collections. Images copyright-cleared for educational use.

Catalog(ue) of Art Museum Images Online. Collections of prominent Museums. Worldwide coverage of fine art, crafts and decorative art.

Credo Reference
Text-based resource covering art and design, also provides for dedicated image searches and exportable citations. Includes images from Bridgeman Education (a selection), Oxford Art Online and the National Gallery London.

Cross-search  suppliers such as Hartill and Saskia alongside museum and gallery collections. Worldwide coverage fine art, architecture and decorative arts. Themed sets or individual images for educational use.
pay per image or set

Hartill Art Associates Inc.
Architectural & visual arts resource archive for educators, researchers and media professionals.
pay per image or set

Oxford Art Online
Text-based art history resource but also provides for dedicated image searches.

Scholars Resource
Cross-search image collections from Saskia, Ltd., Davis Art Images, Hartill Art Associates, Archivision, The Bridgeman Art Library, the Inter-American Institute and Kenneth Garrett. Data import tools available for various digital image management systems.
pay per image or set

Universal Art Images
High quality art history,architecture and decorative art images for educational use. Theme-based sets or individual images. Metadata is supplied in .txt format.
pay per image or set


2 Responses to Commercial Suppliers

  1. Alec Hartill says:

    The listed Hartill Art Associates INC is a dead link; It leads one to a Dietary site!

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