Copyright & Images

Links to websites dealing with intellectual property rights issues. The list includes providers of image licences, organisations offering copyright advice for educational use and links to legislation documentation.


JISC Digital Media

Free help and advice to the UK Further and Higher Education community. Copyright advice is available on the website with a list of FAQs.  There is also a  Helpdesk, Blog and Mailing List.

JISC Legal

Free legal opinion in relation to copyright matters for the UK Further and Higher Education community.

JISC Strategic Content Alliance – IPR Toolkit

A resource for those in the UK Further and Higher Education community working with digital content, to help deal with IPR and licensing issues.  Viewable or downloadable as PDFs. The SCA Blog offers more IPR information.


Creative Commons

A non-profit organisation aiming to make available to the public a wide range of images and other creative works. CC have devised various licenses that creators can attach to images on the web, offering free and legal sharing. Re-use, adaptation or commercial use of the work may be allowed, depending on the licence selected. The CC site has a ‘Find Licensed Works’ option enabling convenient access to search services provided by organizations such as Flickr.

CLA The Copyright Licensing Agency

The CLA licences for educational institutions enable academics and students to use and share published information, including images, without infringing copyright. All images copied under these licences must be recorded and may not be held in perpetuity by the institution, e.g. in a database. There are stringent licensing conditions. Some publications are excluded and images must be assigned to a particular cohort of students.

DACS The Design and Artists Copyright Society

DACS offer a range of services for organisations seeking to license the work visual artists. The DACS licensing scheme for Museums and Galleries permits subscribers to use digital images of works from their collections. A similar, collective licence for educational establishments is under development.


CILIP The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

CILIP has a programme of training courses covering many aspects of copyright. CILIP supports and convenes LACA (The Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance) a  group of organisations campaigning for global access and fair use of information


UK Copyright Legislation 1988 Act

World Intellectual Property Organisation

IPO the Intellectual Property Organisation

WATCH: Writers Artists and Their Copyright Holders


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