ACADI news December 2010

Responses to the DACS draft licence from ACADI members will be forwarded to a representative of UUK for consideration at the next stage of the discussions.

ACADI aim to be represented at a proposed Copyseek seminar to discuss the UUK/CLA licence negotiations. The CLA’s provision for scanning images is of vital importance to institutions represented by ACADI members.

Members offered their opinions on the merits of various image resources for textile design students, particularly in relation to trend-forecasting. There were recommendations for Stylesight and WGSN subscription databases, Trend Union books and forecasting magazines e.g. Bloom, Textile View.

Another question “ Is there an equivalent to AXIS in the Fashion and Textile Design world where you can look up designers and design studios and read about and/or see examples of their work?” is still to be answered.

Library Thing is a  the book-community and personal cataloguing website. It provides a feature to members where links to images of some book jackets may be utilised on their own websites. This is a useful tool but it would be wise to consider the implications in relation to UK copyright legislation

Copyright legislation was also considered in relation to illustrations for feature film DVD cases and promotional film posters.

Marie-Therese Gramstadt recently asked members to participate in a survey about the current state of slide libraries in educational institutions. The survey results form part of her extended research project, recently presented to CHArt. Read more about Marie-Therese’s research on her blog:
and in the Ariadne article  Locating Image Presentation Technology within Pedagogic Practice

ACADI member Jamie Carstairs conducted a survey of ACADIans in 2009, on behalf of the University of Bristol’s History of Art department. His goal was to discover how similar departments have approached the transition to digitised images and/or online sources. The report contains some useful arguments for retaining slide collections. It includes examples of the varied approaches to digitisation projects across the country.


AXIS  (online resource for UK contemporary art)
CHArt  Computers and the History of Art
CLA  The Copyright Licensing Agency (licences for educational use of published information)
DACS  Design and Artists Copyright Society (a visual arts rights management organisation)
UUK  Universities UK (the representative organisation for the UK’s universities).



One Response to ACADI news December 2010

  1. Vicky B says:

    Well, nobody can accuse us of being inactive!

    Maybe an email to one of the other lists will elicit a response to the question regarding a fashion/textile design equivalent to AXIS?

    Great summary Susan – thanks for compiling it.

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